“The Coat” was featured in the Academy Award qualifying festival LA Shorts! I played vixen “Vivienne Woodward” in a fun project called “The Coat.” She is a film noir temptress in a fur coat who inspires a crisis of faith in a young Vegan. Maria Alvarez did sensational noir makeup, which made me look like a “toddler in tiara” or a drag queen in color, but translated to b&w:

Lindsey Loon upload 1 Jan 2015 Lindsey Loon upload 1 Jan 2015 - Version 2

No photoshop, just good makeup by Maria Alverez!

Reminds me of the 2011 film noir I was in Melbourne, Australia 2011:

9-lindsey-loon-ripley-debonaire1.jpg         9 Lindsey Loon ripley busty

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