Film Samples

Standup • Accent Work/Sketch Comedy • Acting Showreel • Comedy film • Drama film

Standup (more samples below) – all writing original:


Accent Work/ Sketch Comedy Characters (more samples below) – all writing original:

A 2 minute glimpse…

COMEDY film: Exes
w/ Australian tv actor Jackson Tozer:

Miss Appropriate, Dir. Sarah Jayne

Official selection “Final Cut Film Festival,” Melbourne, Australia

Winner “Dark Comedy” challenge, >113,000 views

DRAMA/THRILLER: Goodnight Baby, winner BUFTA Best Director 2013:
Scenes from film:

link to full film on request

• More Standup Comedy! (all writing original)

• More Accents & Sketch Characters (all writing original)

“Making Love All Over The World”

“Not A Morning Person”


Flashback FILM NOIR:

Murder of Jonathan Ripley, 2011:

Full film:

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